Since this is the month when all things poetical are marked and celebrated, I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to a few exciting poetry resources.

The first of these has to be, of course, NaPoWriMo  where you will find daily writing prompts along with reviews of poetry resources, including poetry related podcasts. There are simply too many offerings listed throughout the site to be able to share them all here. Far better that you click on the link yourself and explore all that is on offer. Don’t forget to keep scrolling down through the page to avoid missing any of the wonderful suggestions shared.

The second is the web site and blog Tweetspeak, where the facilitators have issued a ‘Poetry Dare’ for the month of April. Rather than focus on writing poetry, they have instead chosen to highlight reading poetry. Their premise is simple – read a poem a day and your writing, whether poetry or prose, will improve. Taking this idea even further, the author recommends that you choose a single poet to focus upon. Read the poem carefully, before copying it out on to a page. Feel the poem kinaesthetically through your fingers; feel the connection between your writing hand and your heart-soul; breathe, live the poem through your body.

Then read the story in ‘How to Write a Poem (or a hundred)’about how one poet adopted the practice of reading a poem, or multiple poems, every day, and her book of poetry which evolved and grew from this daily practice.

For daily writing prompts throughout the month of April, truck on over to Mslexia, where every week day between now and April 30 a new poetry prompt will be posted. And while you’re there, why not explore the site of this brilliant resource for women writers. Then check out the subscriptions or single issues available of their not-to-be-missed magazine. I’ve been reading their mag for years now and it is definitely one of the few I buy which I never throw out. Plus every year they host a series of writing competitions, from short stories and novels to poetry and memoirs. Every issue of Mslexia runs an interview with a working poet analysing the inspiration and steps involved in creating her poem. Here’s a link to one of the articles based on a poem by Polly Clark.

Scroll through the archives for more workshops on writing poetry.

These are just three resources which will help grow within you a love affair with poetry, feed the soil of your soul, until the words bloom like buds opening in springtime, before falling, like apple blossom in images of mystery and beauty, upon the virginal page of your being. Click on any one of the links above and you will discover an amazing wealth of diverse riches, any one of which will serve as an immediate inspiration and prompt. Enjoy the poetic month of April!

[The title ‘April’s Charms’ comes from a poem by William Henry Davis.]