Today is the first day of NaPoWriMo 2014. Each year April is devoted to the practice of penning poetry for an entire month – a poem a day. The aim is not to produce a polished poem every day, for such an expectation would be impossible to fulfil. Rather the intention is to generate one new poem every single day for 30 consecutive days. See if you can do this without being changed utterly from within!

Nothing more than a desire to write poetry is required, except perhaps a pen and paper, or a lap top if that is your preferred mode of expression. Personally I write with whatever happens to be nearest at hand. I try to be organized, but after years and years of failed attempts at becoming something I’m not, I have finally had to admit that I am, at best, an ad hoc performer. Still all that matters is that the deed be done, and this I can do. More than this, it is what I have to do.

Fooling around with word play is food for my soul. Whether the poem arrives fully formed, or merely gifts me with a word or image to explore in the next draft, matters little. Without fail, each time I sit down with the intention of writing a poem, I always rise up afterwards sighing contentedly. The world has been restored to rights, meaning has been re-assigned to the chaos which constitutes my life. I am whole again. At least until the next day when I pull the poem back out from its hidey-hole where the scrap of paper was unceremoniously stuffed. Most often then I simply cringe and wonder how on earth I ever believed this drivel deserved to be called a poem! No matter. The suspicious device touting its ill-fitting garb is merely consigned to the back of a notebook or drawer, with a vague promise to be worked on again, before I head off into the wild yonder with a new vision, new hope in my eyes and pen.

For writing poetry is FUN. Anyone can do it. Why not give it a go for the month of April? And if you do, let me know how you get on. Tell me what you learned from the daily practice of mindful writing.

In the meantime check out for more information about the venture as well as prompts and related articles.