Or,where do you go when you want to find a good women’s fiction novel to read?

It’s no surprise to any of my friends that my favourite genre of novels is women’s fiction. And not only do I love the books themselves, but I am totally addicted to blogs and book sites which either devote themselves to this kind of writing, or at the very least, incorporate it somehow into the mix.

With this in mind I’ve been thinking and ‘moodling’ …… wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of blogs and web sites which function as a source of information, reviews and general recommendations for women’s writing? Well I, at least, think it would! And certainly having a list of resources like this in one place (here!) means I no longer need to try and remember the names and links to these aforesaid web spaces.

So, in the interest of sharing, and even perhaps engaging in a little proselytizing of the literary kind, let me introduce to you, all my dear readers, the following positively wonderful and stupendously amazing web sites and blogs.

Meg Waite Clayton: 1st Books: Reading and Writing with Friends

Meg Waite Clayton Author Photo

About 1st Books: For the blog par excellence on women’s fiction (though I am not certain whether Meg would refer to her blog as such – you shall just have to wait for my upcoming interview with Meg to discover what her thoughts are on this sometimes thorny topic!) Meg Waite Clayton is my first port of call. Here Meg offers brief introductions to female authors who then go on to tell the tale of how they wrote and published their very first novel (hence the name). I cannot count the number of superb novels I have been introduced to through Meg’s inspiring blog. This is definitely a resource not to live without!

Claire’s Word by Word

About Claire: What can I say about Claire? She is one of the sweetest, most erudite and articulate women on the web, and hers is the blog I turn to when seeking a review of some title I have heard about on the grapevine. It is worth following Claire’s site for the lyrical beauty of her regular reviews, and though she doesn’t confine herself to women’s fiction alone, [ I forgive you Claire for trying to broaden my horizons!! J]I cannot help but allow myself the pleasure of basking in her love of language. Check out her list of books read in recent years here and links to her wonderful reviews. Then try not to rush out and buy a copy of any book she loves!

Story Circle Network Book Reviews

About SCN Book Reviews: As a sometimes reviewer of books for SCN I have to tell you how wonderful it is (and it is!). Here you will find hundreds of book reviews and recommendations of all kinds of books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction, from memoir to poetry, and every one of them written by women. Now that has to be good! Run, don’t walk! :0

BookWomen Magazine

About BookWomen: A wonderful bi-monthly magazine which celebrates a life lived in close proximity to books. BookWomen promotes books written by women and explores how books fit into women’s lives. What I love most about this gorgeous little pamphlet style publication is its focus on feminist themes. One of my most eagerly anticipated magazine deliveries. Highly recommended!

She Reads

About She Reads: This forum is new to me, and I have yet to explore all it has to offer, but certainly its tagline demands that I travel through its many portals/pages as soon as possible! Describing themselves as a book club, they “believe that Story is the shortest distance to the human heart.” Sounds good to me!

Can you add to this list? What have I missed?