My New Year Resolutions/Goals/Aims/

I wasn’t really intending to write a New Year’s Resolution post at all, especially since I sort of did that already with my post on Christmas dreams and schemes. Plus I have the flu and feel pretty rotten, and right now all I really want is for the virus to up and leave my poor shattered body alone! But over the last couple of days I have been enjoying reading some of my favourite bloggers writing about their aims and goals for the year that has now arrived. And reading about their plans got me thinking about my own.

It’s a very long time since I made any New Year Resolutions. Certainly I don’t think I ever set any great store by them, and doubt that I ever held myself accountable to them, generally forgetting whatever I had planned well before January was out. [Actually September has always seemed to me to be a better time of the year for new beginnings, mainly due to its link with brand new academic years – always exciting!]

But as I have delved into various books about the craft of writing one message keeps rising to the fore – the importance of writing out your goals and plans as a way of holding oneself accountable to them. So, in that spirit, I am going to share here what it is I hope to achieve.

1) Re-write and revise the first draft of my pocket novel, written during NaNoWriMo. Approach this task via the ‘layered’ method, making several passes, as outlined in Alexandra Sokoloff’s post here. Study the elements which together comprise a novel – characterization, dialogue, plot, structure, etc, applying these lessons to my wip. Submit pocket novel for publication……

2) Continue writing a new short story every fortnight.

3) Submit two short stories a month for publication.

4) Write 1,000 words a day every day for at least the next 100 days, as part of Sally Quilford’s challenge, and hopefully maintain this writing discipline.

5) Read two novels a month. A cache of magazines may be substituted for one of the novels every now and then, especially when I am focusing more intently on studying the genre of short story writing, or my targeted reading audience.

6) Read and study a book on the craft of writing every month. (Thanks Vikki for this!)

7) Try and manage better the overwhelming influx of e-mails which arrive in my inbox on a daily basis. But how to decide which to unsubscribe from…..I enjoy them all….. (The idea for this from Morgen Bailey’s post today on her New Year Resolutions.)

What are your plans for 2013?