— Being a Salutary and Worthwhile Tale, especially on the almost-Eve of Sally’s Writing Challenge, 100k in a 100 Days.

The following link will take you to a story penned by the infamous writer of writerly books and how-to manuals on the craft of word-smithing, James Scott Bell. What is most profitable for all us writerly wannabes is James’ injunction that the craft can, and ought to be, studied, learned well, and put into practice.

Acquaint yourself with the master through threads of his fable written for one just like you and me. Then type his name into some online seller of books and consider diving deeper into the fount of his wisdom. [My personal favourite so far is his Plot and Structure, though I have been reliably informed that all his books are worth perusing.]

Now enough of the preamble. Take it away James………

The Ghost of Writing Yet to Come

Consider leaving a comment below containing perhaps a fable of your own or indeed an account of your own favourite how-to write resource.