It’s Christmas Eve and I think I’m supposed to be doing something else apart from sitting at my lap top and dreaming about what my writing goals are for 2013. But the turkey is in the fridge and all the veggies are piled up on the counter, the wine is chillin’ and the box of chocolates are unwrapped and being tested…….for freshness you know……

I’m very excited. I’ve just signed up for Sally Quilford’s 100K IN 100 DAYS

Here’s the link to Sally’s facebook group. It’s a closed group so you need to click on join and wait to be approved. I just did!

The question is what am I going to write? And I think the answer is my novel, the one I’ve been thinking about for what seems like forever. It would be good to get the words and images out of my head and on to paper, or the lap top.

But novel writing is not the only option. Other suggestions from Sally include short stories, poetry, prose, creative non-fiction and articles.

Since I belong to a womag short story critique group, some of my writing for this challenge will include a new short story at least every fortnight, though ideally every week.

I am also planning to up my submissions of short stories to womag’s. The more stories one submits, the greater the chances of being published. Plus the more practice one puts in, the better one’s stories should (hopefully) become. [At least that’s the theory!] 

My plan is to approach the art of short story writing as if I am participating on a writing course, albeit one of my own design. My mentors, critics and judges include my two online critique groups and the editors of the magazines I submit to. My teachers are those whose books I read and classes I sign up for, including Sally Quilford, Linda Lewis, Della Galton and others.

Other excellent sources of online writing classes for reasonable outlay can be found here at the Romance Writers of America, and here at Savvy Authors. Check under workshops.

There is another challenge I am considering, especially since it would dovetail nicely with Sally’s challenge. It’s the Write1Sub1 Challenge here.

There’s a facebook page too here.

Only problem for me is that the challenge is either focused on weekly or monthly submissions and I’m planning fortnightly ones……would love to make it weekly but don’t know if I could maintain that level of output of submission ready standard writing……the jury’s still out on that one!

And finally here’s a class I’m seriously considering. It’s the first of a series based upon the how to writing books by literary agent Donald Maass – Writing the Breakout Novel and Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.

I have the books required and have been meaning to work my way through them, and right now seems like the perfect opportunity with the added incentive to receive feedback. So maybe….this would also fit in very nicely with Sally’s challenge.

Did I say finally already? Ooops I was wrong! I’ve kept the best ‘til last.

Last November my husband gave me the best birthday present ever – an online class with Sally Quilford on how to write pocket novels. It’s called the Short and Sweet Romance Course

For anyone who follows my blog you’ll know that I devoted NaNoWriMo to writing my first pocket novel. I’m hoping Sally’s class will give the knowledge and know-how to revise and edit it. Having taken one of Sally’s short story courses last year I don’t think she’ll disappoint me! Smile

And that’s it folks, some of my dreams and schemes for 2013. Not quite a list of New Year resolutions but the basis for one. Watch this space……

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas. Hope you all find something under the tree or in your heart to warm your inner child over the next few days. Love and hugs to all xxx