So it’s Day 3 of NaNoWriMo and I have to tell you that I am having a ball.  When I signed up I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, and being of a somewhat over-anxious disposition worried that it would be all too much, that there was no way that I could do this. Never mind that half the writing universe were all past survivors of this month long novel writing event, it was nothing short of sheer stupidity to think that I could do it too. I sent a plea out to my friends in the splendiferously wonderful virtual writing community of which I claim membership, courtesy of the online writing forums, eg She Writes, to which I belong, as well as the writing guilds (Romance Writers of AmericaStory Circle Network, Savvy Authors) and various online critique groups which continuously encourage and inspire me to keep at it. My cry for help was heeded and answered. I took the advice of those who have been there, done that, written the novel, and decided that what was called for was a little bit of faith. And so I (wo)manned up to the task at hand, and took a leap of faith, placing all my trust in the process. And here I am – 5,064 words more written than the zero just 3 days ago. How cool is that!

I’m even already excited about the revision that awaits me in December, and believe me there will be lots! But like I said before, there’s no revising if the words haven’t been penned.

How did it take me this long (3 years) to pluck up the courage to make my first attempt? But who cares! I’m here now and loving it. Best writing fun I’ve had since been part of Heather Blakey’s Soul Food Café when a group of intrepid travellers headed off into the sunset, quills and parchment in hand, as we explored mythical lands and engaged in a variety of extraordinary and breathtaking magical Heroine Journeys. I never truly believed that I would ever recover those halcyon days of writing just for the sheer heck of it. I was wrong, and I’m so very glad that I was.

3 days in and the best thing is that there are another 28 days of fun and writing frolics ahead!