This morning I woke up, pulled on a sweater over my nightie and padded down the stairs in stockinged feet. On my way into the kitchen I switched on the computer as usual, toddled over to the cooker, turned on the kettle and went back to check my e-mails while waiting for it to boil. Some e-mails jump out at you and any notifying a new post from Sally Quilford calls for my immediate attention! And today’s post is especially interesting because she is writing about NaNoWriMo, specifically using the month of November to pen a Pocket Novel.

You may at this very moment be wondering what exactly a Pocket Novel is. A pocket novel is a short romance novella of 50,000 words, with all the elements you will find in a category romance, only sweeter. Actually pocket novels are highly addictive and should be issued with a time warning! They may not take that long to read but as soon as I have finished one I just want to pick up another! The absolute beauty of them is that they are thoroughly good for your health. Yes really! If I am stressed in any way or upset about some family issue or other, then all I have to do is reach out and pick up my current pocket novel. Then I’m guaranteed a restful and sweet, dream-filled sleep.

I’m not sure about this but I suspect that pocket novels are peculiar to the UK market. They are sold wherever magazines are distributed and do not appear to be registered as books, at least until they are re-sold as such, or published later by the author in e-format. But don’t quote me on this as I may be incorrect. Not having entered the publishing arena yet I wouldn’t really know!

There is a wealth of information and resources to be found on the Queen of Pocket Novels blog, Quiller’s Place – View from the Shed. Start here and follow the links.

After that hop on over to The Pocketeers blog where you will be introduced to a wonderful group of Pocketing women authors.

And then of course, no blog post on pocket novels could ever be considered complete without referring the reader on to Womag Writer’s blog where you can find submission guidelines for submitting your pocket novels to My Weekly and The People’s Friend, and a whole lot more besides.

But I digress. I began this post by introducing you to Sally Quilford, and now let me return to her wise and wonderful words. I plan to follow Sally’s advice as outlined in her post. I am also happy to say that her clarion call to action/writing is just the incitement I needed to get off the proverbial fence and Just Do It! You’ll find me over at NaNoWriMo under soulsister (don’t ask – it’s a long story!)

And while I’m still on the topic of NaNoWriMo here’s another few excellent posts on preparing for the event – all the plotting and planning advice we could ever need. Good luck with yours!


–From the blog A Writer’s Journey by Teralyn Rose Pilgrim discover all the techniques Teralyn uses before writing her first draft.

–What to do next and next and then next from Alexandra Sokoloff—utilizing the Hero/ine’s Journey and using index cards and checklists as planning devices.

–And 5 ways to make your novel hopelessly addictive from Victoria Mixon:

-Here’s someone who’s done it all already! Check out this wonderful collection of posts relating to NaNoWriMo. You won’t regret it! [Thanks to the RWA Women’s Fiction online chapter for this particular link.]

What are you planning to write during NaNoWriMo? I’d love to hear your plans!