It seems that I’ve been nominated for another, not one but two, blogging awards. Who’d have guessed that lil’ ol’ me would warrant this level of attention. Being a true blue introvert, how on earth will I cope with the spotlight shining down upon me? Guess this is my moment of glory, and I really ought to revel in it, cos this just might be It!!!

Since most blog awards come with conditions attached, usually involving writing something about yourself or your blog, as well as nominating other recipients for the award, they can be a little bit time consuming, taking one away from the ‘real’ job of writing and blogging. There is even a growing swell of bloggers who are expressing dissatisfaction with receiving such awards.

However, even though I understand perfectly where the objectors are coming from, and can, in truth, even agree with them on one level, I feel that I must ultimately disagree with their position. Having spent last night wandering through a number of wonderful blogs seeking deserving recipients of these awards, I realized that not only had I enjoyed the entire enterprise, surfing through content I might otherwise have missed, but I also learned a whole lot I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t donned my explorer garb and map.

The blogging world is full of fascinating port of calls and I would encourage everyone, but especially those who are awarded a blogging prize, to accept the invitation that accompanies the award and go where you may never have gone before.  Like anything else in life, blogging awards can be a pain in the ass, an interruption to your day, or an opportunity to broaden your mind and horizons. It’s up to you.

And now I shall make my way to the podium and fulfil the requirements which accepting these awards calls for:

1. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. Thank you Bev who blogs at Black Ink Paperie

2. Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

(i) If I don’t write I get very grumpy! Children take note……

(ii) I’m a mother of 5 children, who like to have a happy mommy……

(iii) In support of my writing my darling husband bought me a new lap top and ordered the children not to touch it. It’s mine, all mine!!! A room of my very own!

(iv) I set up this blog to record my progress and development as a writer.

(v) I am currently working on a women’s fiction novel which combines contemporary with a large dose of historical. But I wish I could write more than one novel at a time ‘cos I have a great idea for a Celtic novel set in medieval Ireland….and a cool dude young adult concept too…..and then there’s those tales I used to tell the children at night when they begged for a story and I couldn’t find a book and it was just so much easier (and fun) to make them up!

(vi) I love research because it gives the excuse to do my other favourite thing – read, and I have just realized that sometimes reading novels is a perfectly legitimate way to do research!

(vii) I’m a hermit who loves to interact with other writers online where I can be as outgoing and extrovert as I wish!

3. Nominate seven fellow bloggers and let them know:

Ta-dah! Drum roll please ……

And the nominations for this week are:

(1) Claire at Word by Word

(2) Samantha Stacia at My Paranormal Pen

(3)Julie Christine Johnson at Chalk the Sun

(4)Valerie M. Honey at Quiet Dreamer

(5) Jan Kais at A Novel in a 100 Days

(6) Brenda Moguez at Passionate Pursuits

(7) Michelle Berger at The Practice of Creativity

You are all amazingly creative bloggers I would love to find out more about.

If you can please include info on your chosen genre, why you write, a glimpse into your writing life/day.

These last suggestions are all mine and not part of the award conditions. I’m just nosy and love finding out everything about writer’s lives since you are all the most interesting bunch of people ever!