Everybody writes for their own reason. Some write because it’s their job. Some write because they enjoy keeping journals. Others write for healing. Or to find meaning in life.

I write for all these reasons, except for the first one. I don’t have a job. Yet. I am hoping in the future to fill in the occupation blank on forms as ‘writer’ . Maybe I will check out how that feels on the next official form which falls on my door mat. Come on, Mr. Postman, post those bills!

But the main reason why I write is because it’s fun – F-U-N.


For the first time in years I find myself bounding out of the bed in the morning, [OK I admit to exaggerating just a little!] and rushing through all the to-do jobs so I can get to my lap top and discover where my fictional characters are taking me today.

My mother always told me that life begins at 50. Well I have to admit to being more than a little dubious to this notion for the first 49 years of my life. It seemed to be a poor trade off for hitting middle age. But now I am forced to admit that she was right! Life really does begin at 50.

I’m 50, I’m writing, and I’m having fun!