I have a dream and it is to write a Romantic Novel.

But first what is a Romantic Novel?

After reading a little up on the genre, and having browsed bookshop shelves, it seems to me that not all Romantic Novels are necessarily Mills and Boons or Harlequin. The genre is much wider than that.

The Romantic Novelists Association state on their web page, http://www.romanticnovelistsassociation.org/ ,

The trouble with trying to define a romantic novel is that there are so many sub-genres. The words romantic novel cover an amazing variety.”

As an example they suggest reading –

The newly published anthology, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, contains a number of sub-genres. Contemporary romance, women’s commercial fiction, paranormal, chick lit, historical, Regency, suspense, mystery, fantasy, multi genre—they’re all in there and a few other sub-genres too. Could there even be one of that Holy Grail of the contemporary critic—the Literary story? Read it and see.”

In order to educate myself on the type of writing I need to be aiming for if I wish to write a Romantic Novel, (I am giving the genre title capital letters in lieu of having a title for my prospective novel; it makes me feel as if I have already begun, and in a way I have since the thought processes are in motion!) I need to read a selection of novels which fit into the category.

Last night as I lay in bed mulling over Romantic Novels, I remembered where I had picked up on the idea of writing one. It was thanks to a series of events which began with joining the online writing forum for women, She Writes,http://www.shewrites.com/.

There I was warmly welcomed by the author Juliet Greenwood who blogs at http://julietgreenwoodauthor.wordpress.com/. Juliet has just published what is being hailed as a wonderful Romantic Novel, Eden’s Garden, a book receiving high praise from the critics and one which I am planning to read very soon. Juliet’s web site for her book is here – http://www.julietgreenwood.co.uk/. I often click on it for inspiration! Well worth a visit!

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, one source of inspiration for Juliet’s novel

Other books on my reading list are those written by Kate Morton – The House at Riverton ; The Forgotten Garden ; and The Distant Hours.

On her web site Juliet suggested that anyone who enjoyed Kate Morton’s novels and the tv series Downton Abbey, would enjoy her novel Eden’s Garden also. And since I absolutely loved Downton Abbeyand have been meaning to read Kate Morton’s books, it seemed logical that this was a category of romantic fiction which I ought to spend time reading, exploring, researching and studying techniques of writing.

And this means that I have now progressed from thinking about writing a Romantic Novel to beginning my research!!

On her amazing blog, A Writer’s Journey, author Teralyn Rose wrote a wonderful post entitles ‘4 Tricks to Writing Great Romances’. Check out the link here and while you are there scroll through her many and varied past posts. I got lost on her blog this afternoon!


For a few more pointers on the How-to’s I found this link to the Creative Writing Now web site : http://www.creative-writing-now.com/how-to-write-romance.html