There’s no doubt about it –writing is addictive, just like chocolate.

The first time I realized this was the first time I wrote for pleasure instead of an essay for one of my university classes. Mind you I enjoyed the challenge of researching and organizing my philosophy treatises. But writing for the sheer hell of it, for no other reason than I just felt like doing it, was incredibly fun and liberating. More than that it was cathartic. This is why writing is often recommended as a tool for healing emotional traumas. There is even a link between writing and improving your physical health. Writing, it seems is good for us. [Talk about stating the obvious!]

But writing is not just good for your mind and body. It is amazingly and stupendously fantabulous for your spirit and well-being. In a recent post I wrote about how writing brings me to life. Well today I am admitting to being totally addicted to the process. When I start writing I don’t want to stop. Which can be a problem. Especially when the family arrive home from school, college and work and expect their dinner on the table. Ooops! It is becoming an increasing characteristic of this household that dinner is something of a moveable feast, or even a nomadic event. (The nomads have to wander elsewhere to find food!)

There can be no clearer link between the sensuous pleasures of devouring chocolate and the heady thrills of free writing than may be found on the inimitable Heather Blakey’s wonderful web site where she has, amongst a vast array of wonders, placed a box of chocolates for the web surfers’ delectation. Click on any chocolate and wait for the flavour of what’s hidden inside take over your senses and lead you into another world.

Another wise woman is Forrest Gump’s mother, most evident when she told Forrest that life is like a box of chocolates. What she forgot to add was that writing is just as addictive as chocolate. Personally my preference is to combine the 2. Just wish that the activity of writing counted as an aerobic exercise!