At the beginning of my inaugural posting on this blog I asked myself –‘Why now?’ I’m not sure why but that question has continued to tumble around in my brain like a gleeful child rolling on the floor. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have always preferred to live in a world of open-ended questions. Finding the answers often merely served to close off other options, other possibilities. So maybe the simple answer to that question is that I just like questions. Simple as that!

My older brother used to chide me for sitting on the fence, for never committing to an opinion one way or the other. My reply to him was that as a philosophy graduate it was not my job to place the argument in a strait-jacket before all sides had been assessed and considered.

But I digress. What exactly is it about Now that leads me to believe that this time I can do it. As in I am about to commit myself to the Writing Life. As in I am about to Just. Do. It.

Mostly it has to do with having a little more time on my hands. My youngest child is 10 now and consequently needs a whole lot less input from mommy. The intensiveness of early years parenting is gone, and while there are many moments I look back upon, and might wish to experience all over again, there are many more which I have either forgotten or shudder to call to mind! Either way those days are gone, and in their wake I am discovering pockets of time and occasional shards of space in which I can decide to do whatever it is I want to do.

And I want to write.

In this blog I am going to explore ideas, advice and theories about writing and creativity. It is my hope that time spent contemplating the craft of writing and reflecting upon the thoughts of other writers, will somehow instill their wonderful wisdom in some deep-seated part of my soul and mind, so that in time I shall become a writer through and through, so that my very being will be drenched with the writing gene, so that to write will be to live.

And I want to live!